DFC Community

Our Commitment as a Drug-Free Communities Grantee

Elevating Prevention, Empowering Futures

s a recognized Drug-Free Communities (DFC) grantee, Crook County Prevention is at the forefront of efforts to safeguard our community’s health and future by preventing substance abuse among our youth. This distinction highlights our role in leading impactful prevention initiatives supported by the DFC program, a federal grant awarded to local communities.

Understanding the DFC Program

The Drug-Free Communities (DFC) program is a federal initiative designed to provide communities with funding to prevent youth substance use. It is grounded in the philosophy that local community coalitions are key to changing public attitudes and behaviors regarding substance abuse. The DFC grant supports our local efforts to reduce substance abuse among young people by fostering a community environment that promotes healthy, drug-free lifestyles.

What the DFC Grant Means for Crook County

Enhanced Prevention Programs: The grant enables us to implement evidence-based strategies and programs specifically tailored to address the unique needs of Crook County’s youth.

Sustained Impact: The DFC grant supports our long-term goal of creating a safe, healthy environment for our youth, laying the groundwork for sustained positive outcomes in public health and safety.

Community Mobilization: With these funds, we can further engage various sectors of our community—including schools, businesses, law enforcement, and families—in a unified approach to prevent substance abuse.

Our Goals as a DFC Grantee

As stewards of the DFC grant, our goals are clear:

  • To reduce substance abuse rates among youth in Crook County.
  • To strengthen community collaboration in preventing youth drug use.
  • To establish and advance policies and environments that support a drug-free community.

Your Role in Our Journey

The success of the DFC initiative relies on the active participation of every community member. We invite you to join us in this critical mission to nurture a healthy, drug-free future for our children. Whether by contributing your time, resources, or expertise, your involvement can make a significant difference.

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