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American Psychological AssociationCOVID-19 and psychology services: How to protect your patients and your practiceBehavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/5/2020
Narcotics AnonymousOnline Meetings DirectoryBehavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/25/2020
National Council for Behavioral HealthResources and tools for addressing coronavirus (COVID-19)Behavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/13/2020
Higher Education Mental Health AllianceCollege Counseling from a Distance: Deciding whether and when to engage in telemental health servicesBehavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/15/2020
Dr. Kathryn GordonOnline Mental Health ResourcesCopingWebsite Link3/13/2020
My OCD CareCoping with Coronavirus Related Challenges (Webinar)CopingWebsite Link3/14/2020
Cedar Koons, LCSWStaying Home (The Mindfulness Solution)CopingWebsite Link3/15/2020
American Foundation for Suicide PreventionProtecting your mental health during the coronavirus outbreakCopingWebsite Link3/15/2020
CNN BusinessHow to work from home without losing your sanityCopingWebsite Link3/13/2020
MindheartHola! Soy el Coronavirus (Libros Para ninos/books for children)CopingWebsite Link3/15/2020
Anxiety and Depression Association of AmericaCoronavirus Anxiety - Helpful Expert tips and resourcesCopingWebsite Link3/15/2020
CDCTalking with children about coronavirus disease 2019CopingWebsite Link3/15/2020
National Association of School PsychologistsHealth Crisis ResourcesCopingWebsite Link3/15/2020
National Center for PTSDTreating PTSD During the COVID-19 Virus Outbreak (Webinar)Behavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/18/2020
Anxiety CanadaWhat to do if you’re anxious or worried about coronavirus (COVID-19)CopingWebsite Link3/11/2020
Virus Anxiety (Shine)Care for your coronavirus anxietyCopingWebsite Link3/17/2020
International OCD FoundationCOVID-19 and OCDBehavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/17/2020
NAMICOVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information and ResourcesCopingWebsite Link3/17/2020
Monterey Bay AquariumLive Cams (calming animals)CopingWebsite Link3/17/2020
American Psychiatric AssociationCOVID-19 mental health impacts: Resources for psychiatristsBehavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/12/2020
American Academy of Child and Adolescent PsychiatryAACAP Coronavirus ResourcesBehavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/17/2020
My Workplace HealthHow to reduce coronavirus anxiety in the workplaceBehavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link2/26/2020
ACES ConnectionPost-traumatic growth from the corona virus - finding hopeCopingWebsite Link3/13/2020
Dr. Amelia AldaoTherapy Corner (YouTube)CopingWebsite Link3/17/2020
National RegisterAmidst Covid-19 outbreak, what resources can you use?Behavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/18/2020
Infoaboutkids.orgParents and COVID 19: Helping Your ChildrenCopingWebsite Link3/19/2020
Child and Adolescent Mood & Anxiety Treatment ProgramDr. Ehrenreich-May vimeo series on coping with COVID-19CopingWebsite Link3/19/2020
Dr. Regine GalantiFree Webinar on Parenting and Self Care in an Age of UncertaintyCopingWebsite Link3/19/2020
Lab for Scalable Mental HealthProject YES - online 1-session coping skills trainings for teensCopingWebsite Link3/20/2020
DBT-RUDBT Crisis Survival Skills (YouTube)CopingWebsite Link3/20/2020
Dr. Russ HarrisFACE COVID - How to respond effectively to the Corona Crisis (based on ACT)CopingWebsite Link3/20/2020
Michael MullarkeySTAT (Short-Term Transdiagnostic Anxiety Treatment) Open Access Treatment MAnualBehavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/20/2020
Michael MullarkeyCODE (CBT-based One-Session Distress Tolerance for Emergency Responders) Open Access Treatment ManualBehavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/20/2020
Dr. Bei BeiSleeping tips when staying indoors during isolation period (English & Chinese available)CopingWebsite Link3/17/2020
CMS.govMedicare Telemedicine health care provider fact sheetBehavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/17/2020
National Domestic Violence HotlineStaying safe during COVID-19Behavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/13/2020
National RegisterPragmatics of Telepsychology Practice in the Age of COVID-19Behavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/20/2020
APAKeeping the ofice going: ethical and legal telehealth practices for the provider and staffBehavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/20/2020
National RegisterA practical guide to providing telepsychology with minimal risksBehavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/20/2020
APATelepsychology Best Practices 101 SeriesBehavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/20/2020
Kate CoxHow to keep your sanity when you feel like the world is going crazyCopingWebsite Link3/22/2020
PESITelehealth for mental health professionals: 2-day distance therapy training (12 hrs, FREE with code TELEFREE)Behavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/22/2020
Health AffairsHealth justice strategies to combat covid-19: Protecting vulnerable communities during a pandemicCopingWebsite Link3/19/2020
Locke Psychotherapy GroupCOVID-19 support for kids or adolescents: Tips for parents and caregiversCopingWebsite Link3/22/2020
APPICPsychology training and education joint statement - COVID-19 (with APPIC, APA, CPA, ASPPB)Behavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/22/2020
ASPPBLicensure related matters and COVID-19Licensure related matters and COVID-19Website Link
Dr. van Dyk et alCOVID-19 tips: building rapport with youth via telehealthBehavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/22/2020
Down Dog Yoga AppDown Dog Yoga App (free until 4/1, free to .edu accounts through 7/1)CopingWebsite Link3/22/2020
Sam Van HorneWellbeing resources for healthcare staff during COVID-19 (massive google doc!)Behavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/22/2020
Psychology ToolsPsychological resources for coronavirus covid-19CopingWebsite Link
Teal SwanSelf-Love MasterclassWebsite Link03/25/2020
The Anxious Overachiever20 Questions to help with COVID-19 AnxietyCopingWebsite Link3/11/2020
The Conversation7 science-based strategies to cope with coronavirus anxietyCopingWebsite Link3/10/2020
The Psych Show (Dr. Ali Mattu)How to cope when the world is cancelled: 6 critical skillsCopingWebsite Link3/17/2020
Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors(TAPS)Grief Support and resources for all military-related deaths; Suicide Posttvention Programs and Services; Free daily webinarsBereavement, Peer Support, Suicide Postvention, Military CommunityWebsite Link3/24/2020
University of Missouri Psychological Serivces ClinicTelehealth services for COVID-19 related stressBehavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/22/2020
US Dept of Veterans AffairsCOVID-19: Resources for Managing StressCopingWebsite Link3/17/2020
US Dept of Veterans AffairsHelping people manage stress associated with the COVID-19 virus outbreakBehavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/17/2020
WHOMental health considerations during COVID-19 outbreakCopingWebsite Link3/6/2020
US Dept of Health and Human ServicesTopic collection: COVID-19 behavioral health resourcesBehavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/26/2020
US Dept of Veterans AffairsNovel coronavirus disease (COVID-19)Behavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/26/2020
Karen Paul and Mark van OmmerenA primer on single session therapy and its potential application in humanitarian situationsBehavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/26/2020
Mental Health Innovation NetworkAddressing mental health and psychosocial needs during the COVID-19 outbreakBehavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/26/2020
JAMA Network OpenFactors associated with mental health outcomes among health care workers exposed to coronavirus disease 2019Behavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/26/2020
Helping Give Away Psychological Science (WIkiversity)Telepsychology Best Practices 101 SeriesBehavioral Health ServicesWebsite Link3/26/2020
Zach CohenZach's random COVID-19 resources list draft1CopingWebsite Link3/26/2020
Centers for Disease Control and PreventionCommunity LevelsScienceWebsite Link3/17/2022
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